6 Big Movies Heading To Theaters In April

Avengers: Infinity War

Joe and Anthony Russo are back with yet another indie rom-com that just happens to look like a crossover of 10 years worth of Marvel Studios films. If you don’t know about , welcome from whatever time-suspended circumstances you’ve been released from. Showcasing the best, brightest, and pretty much every MCU hero, in their quest to stop Thanos the Mad Titan from destroying half of the universe, this flick’s set to break records and hearts. Here’s hoping that if this is Captain America’s last stand, it’s one worthy of his epic legacy.

Release Date: April 27th.


Upon first blush, looks like the type of studio comedy that gets released solely in the name of counter-programming. But every time that trailer comes up, the chemistry of John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz solidifies just a bit more. As a trio of parents hellbent on preventing their daughters from losing their virginity at prom, these actors gel so well together that they could become a new comedy team. Plus, seeing Cena as the dorky dad just proves that everyone touting him as the next Dwayne Johnson isn’t totally crazy.

Release Date: April 6th

A Quiet Place

If you had told people in the past that John Krasinski had co-written, starred in, and directed a horror movie, they’d probably laugh. But after the trailers and advanced buzz for hit, it’s hard to not take this would-be sleeper hit anything but seriously. With a monstrous presence stalking anything that makes a sound, and a crisp running time that barely inches above an hour and a half, this lean and mean experience is experimental as hell – which is just what the horror universe thrives on.

Release Date: April 6th


Dwayne Johnson likes to compare himself to a silverback gorilla in most of his social media posts, but to team himself up with an overgrown primate in is definitely leaning into the gag in style. With tapping into 80’s flavored video game nostalgia, this would-be blockbuster might be heading our way at the perfect time – seeing as it’s inspired by the 1986 Midway arcade cabinet of the same name. Should this project smash enough cash into Warner Bros’ pockets, maybe it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to see a remake of the original with an 8-bit Johnson trying to corral the beasts.

Release Date: April 13th

Truth Or Dare

Should you have the right script, a modest budget, and a love for horror, maybe you can hire Blumhouse Productions. And that’s what happened with , as Jason Blum’s horror / thriller imprint has teamed up with Jeff Wadlow, the man who directed the indie thriller , to deliver another killer party game. The big difference being that this one is controlled by forces beyond a knife and a ski-mask, as the supernatural takes center stage. As if that wasn’t scary enough, this evil force can make your face look kind of weird, which ups the creep factor of its possession techniques.

Release Date: April 13th

Super Troopers 2

You asked for it, and they made it! Broken Lizard makes its triumphant return this month with , as the knuckleheads in uniform are about to help a long forgotten territory in Canada find its American side. This was truly a labor of love for the famed comedy troupe, with a Kickstarter campaign funded in meow time thanks to eager fans wanting to see the sequel happen. Also, the release date is probably just a coincidence, and not totally planned to make the original film’s fan base excited to celebrate. Not at all.

Release Date: April 20th

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